Friday, October 29, 2010

Hope for the Bruins?

Well, Dallas Raines, Channel 7's weatherman, offered his prediction during the rain-in-the-morning weather report, that UCLA would beat Arizona 35-31. Not that I've ever seen him predict football games before, or that I have the slightest idea whether he has a track record or not, for a stubborn Bruin loyalist desperate for some shred of hope for a respectable season, that was enough. I also note that the Register sports writers (whom I know only enough to say hi when passing in the hall) are split 2-2 on this game. Arizona has been inconsistent also. Well, hope springs and all that. I now plan to watch the game with a degree of hope, perhaps even confidence.

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Mike Freitas said...

When was the last time a weatherman was right? A bad day in So Cal. I listened to UCLA on radio while working and got home in time to watch SC, who I predicted would win, lose to Oregon. Well ND got beat by Tulsa and Hawaii is winning big again. So it goes.