Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Still avoiding chemo side effects

Well, I had my latest chemo (Gemzar if you care or know about it) on Friday and it's now Tuesday, and so far I haven't experienced any of the potentially debilitating side effects the chemo can sometimes bring on. I purposely scheduled the treatments for Friday so that if there were side effects I could get through them over the weekend and be ready to work on Monday. However, while there are other reasons Friday is a good time for the treatment -- by 3 pm Friday if something hasn't been written for the Register it's not going to be written for weekend or Monday editions unless it's a huge event constituting a national emergency -- the weekend turned out to be quite pleasant. Having sat in the waiting room and treatment room with other patients undergoing radiation and chemo, I know full well that I have been fortunate -- although I think good health in general (still there despite the travails of the last 6 months) and other medication s have been a factor. At any rate, I am on the road to full recovery and very pleased. More updates later, but they might not be necessary very often.


Anonymous said...

Good news. I guess you'll never have a excuse to smoke dope.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that you have cancer. The long hours you've spent fighting for everyone for so many years weren't spent in vain. I hope you are still here to see the victories that your work made possible.

You are a great man and I will always treasure the sacrifices that you made, and the difference you made in so many lives. I hope that you recover so that you can finish writing all your books.

Allbest and love,