Tuesday, September 21, 2010

UCLA back on track

I did watch the UCLA-Houston game Saturday and I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome, and especially at the energy the Bruins displayed. It looks as if Houston's record of being the nation's leading scoring team after two games was to at least some extent a function of playing pretty bad teams, but give the Bruins defense some credit as well. They're starting to round into shape, and the offensive line is playing surprisingly well too. I know UCLA recruits good athletes, and as I mentioned last week, Neuheisel UCLA teams have generally gotten better as the seas0n has gone on.

Maybe it's because this was the first game where he has been really healthy, but it looks to me as if we saw the Kevin Prince this week that the coaches must have been seeing in practice, at least a good bit of the time, or he wouldn't have won the starting position. Still room for improvement, but for the first time this year I have pretty good confidence that he's capable of improvement.

Of course Texas will be a tough test this week, but at least I have pretty good confidence that the Bruins will give a good account of themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Vs., Texas, think Rocky, plus the extra point.