Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Treatment still on track

I haven't written much about radiation treatment because -- knock wood -- it's been largely without incident. Well, last Friday I and a bunch of other people were delayed because somebody ahead of us had an incident that required the paramedics to come and take him or her to the hospital. They told us about that much and no more details, but it delayed the schedule by about an hour. I pray that person is all right.

From my perspective, however, the treatment has been almost free of side effects, to a point that almost surprised the doctor when we had our weekly consultation today. I get a little fatigue -- tend to nod off while I'm sitting in my chair watching the tube or reading, especially just after breakfast -- but no nausea/vomiting, no constipation, only one incident of diarrhea, no itching palms and soles of feet, no itching all over. I think overall health is a factor, and I'm doing more therapeutic breathing and have started to exercise some every day

That said, it's fascinating just how much time and attention it takes to be a patient. I have to take my Nexium as soon as I get up, then can't take the Xeloda (chemo by pill) until two hours and a meal later. Take blood pressure and temperature quite a few times a day and take an anti-high-blood pressure pill if it's above a certain level (which it hasn't been lately). Sometimes I am late with a pill or measurement just out of being too interested in other things. You would think it would be simple and there would be plenty of free time, and it treally is. But it's all too easy to slip. So far nothing that has been dangerous or deleterious to the recovery process, but it does require a certain amount of attention.

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