Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sad days for Bruins

It's not that I was so depressed by UCLA's pathetic performance against Stanford that I couldn't even write, although I must say that it was a sour way to end what was otherwise an exciting day of college football. My absence from the blogosphere has had to do with little projects around the house and the daily radiation treatment that messes up the whole middle of the day. As usual it starts with the offensive line, but there was almost no aspect of the game at which the Bruins threatened to show much competence. I keep hoping that Brehaut will show something when he's given some playing time, given that Kevin Prince seems injury-prone and the team will probably need him sometime this season, but so far the mistakes have outweighed the good moves.

I'm somewhat encouraged in that Neuheisel-coached teams do tend to improve over the course of a season, and there's at least a chance the Bruins will be competitive -- or better than the 8th-place predicted finish -- when Pac-10 play starts in earnest. But almost all the other Pac-10 teams so far, except maybe Washington State, have looked better than UCLA so far. And going against high-powered Houston this week and Texas next week, the Bruins could be 0-4. I hadn't planned to be hoping for basketball season to start this early, but . . .

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