Sunday, September 05, 2010

Better next game?

Usually, when a team has trouble sustaining a drive, the most obvious problem is in the offensive line, and although I didn't focus as closely on the line as I perhaps should have (somewhat hampered by the fact that cameramen seldom stay with line play for long if at all) I think that's the main problem for the Bruins, who lost to Kansas State Saturday. It was also true that Kevin Prince, who, the commentators kept reminding us, had very few reps in practice because of an injury, was not especially sharp. He kept missing receivers by just a few inches or a foot or so. But he also didn't have very good protection. I winced every time he took off and ran with the ball, although he was fairly effective at it sometimes.

What any of this means for the future is difficult to tell. The Kevin Prince and the team just might start to click and be rather difficult to beat. But it also looks as if the Pac-10 will be very competitive. Based on this weekend's play USC and Arizona and Oregon State look pretty strong. I'll withhold judgment on the Bruins.

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