Saturday, August 28, 2010

The weather breaks, radiation continues

I'm not sure why I hadn't noticed before -- or maybe it's true this summer but hasn't always been -- but on the nightly news Lake Elsinore is typically the hottest city except Palm Springs in the Greater-LA-Inland-Empire area. We're generally 10 degrees or so cooler than Palm Springs, but warmer than everywhere else. This has meant this week temperatures above 110, even unto 114. It was slightly cooler Friday and considerably cooler -- I don't think it got above 85 or 86 -- today. That meant we could actually spend some time outside rather comfortably. We started building a table-level bar on the other side of the upper patio cover, but the repurposed lumber was so tweaked that it wouldn't come out level, so we're going to have to find different lumber. Meantime we abandoned that project and I repotted some plants from the front porch. Pretty boring, eh?

I had another radiation treatment Friday and it went very smoothly -- actually only took 20-30 minutes as the literature we got had estimated. So far no side effects, but I'm aware that the stuff we've read and briefings from doctors and nurses says the effect will be cumulative and perhaps start to kick in after about two weeks. We'll see. I'm hoping overall health is a mitigating factor.

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