Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Radiation is boring -- so far

It is almost too boring. I don't have quite the mental oomph to think anything more than superficially about politics and my own life is uneventful enough that it's almost not worth chronicling. However, come to think of it, it is somewhat busy. I'm getting radiation treatment every weekday now, and that takes enough time out of the day to make doing projects around the house rather disjointed. But it's so far fairly uneventful -- no side effects yet, though they could still show up. Met with the radiation doctor this afternoon after treatment and confirmed that few side effects are likely; it's only a small part of the belly getting radiated, and apparently not with all that much. There still could be side effects from the chemo drug Xeloda which I'm taking now, but so far so good.

Most interesting thing is that they've marked up my belly with Magic Marker lines and plastic covers for markings to make sure that rays go to the same place very day, and it looks a bit like a child's version of a map. And themain challenge is to lie perfectly still for the 10 minutes or so they are zapping my poor little belly.

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