Monday, August 16, 2010

Insulting Coors commercials

Years ago, when I first went to college, the beer of usual choice at our fraternity was Coors. Over the years I have developed a preference for darker, heartier beers (though my variation on Will Rogers is to claim I never met a beer I didn't like) so I haven't had a Coors in years, and the likelihood of being tempted by a Coors Light is vanishingly tiny. I appreciate that the Coors family has sometimes contributed to political causes of which I approve (and some I don't), but that wouldn't lead me to buy their beer just now, except perhaps once out of curiosity.

I'm glad about that for another reason. Watching more TV than usual during treatment and convalescence, I've had occasion to notice the theme of the Coors Light commercials these days. The message is that various clueless guys are so entranced with Coors Light that they don't notice a wife looking to be planked that night or cluelessly lead a girlfriend into thinking a proposal is imminent. Message as I see it: our target audience is clueless guys who think it's funny that they might prefer beer to women. Boy, does that theme turn me off.

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