Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back on track -- we hope

It has been a reasonably eventful few days.On Thursday we had our post-operative appointment with Dr. Nissen, our formidable surgeon. We also took the occasion to see Dr. Drazin, our second-opinion chemo doctor. He reassured us that the apparent delays in getting to the radiation treatment were not medically worrisome, though he understood that delay could complicate my going back to work at the most appropriate time. Guess we'll just grin and bear it and make it through somehow.

On Friday we went to the chemo place in Wildomar, and were almost reassured that they're actually beginning radiation next Wednesday, not just having another prep session. They issued us the Zelota pills for this round of chemo that coincides with radiation and said to start taking them Wednesday. When we let the chemo people know the radiation people were vaguie about whether actual treatment would begin, they said to bring the pills with us that day and we'd start taking them if radiation actually began.

Actually, it's only mildly irritating. We've figured out I can get back to working the first week in October either way, so it will be OK. But it's a bit irritating to get the feeling that the medical staff people aren't actually listening, even though they may be nodding sympathetically.

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