Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who really opposes communism?

The 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall falling came and went with not much more than a slioght nod in the direction of an event that may have led to more people being liberated from tyranny than any in history. I've been thinking about this for a while -- sorry I didn't write it earlier -- but it seems to me that libertarians were almost the only ones to try to commemorate it properly. I did a column and Cato had Paul Hollander do a fairly lengthy analysis, and Paul also did a WaPo column. I think it's because only libertarians utterly reject the philosophy behind communism -- every assumption, every premise -- though Karl Marx is still worth reading for class analysis and much else. Almost every other political persuasion, including, American conservatives, who for decades centered their political program around anti-communism, has just a bit of the collectivist taint. They all believe that at least for certain issues and to some extent the individual should be sublimated to the collective and controlled by the wise and responsible elements in society. Bull!

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Anonymous said...

The real tragedy was that America never got a peace dividend. If anything America probably spends MORE on "defense" now.