Monday, March 15, 2010

Riding health deform opposition to serious hits

I had another nice experience today with RealClearPolitics picking up one of my blog items from the Register's Orange Punch, vastly increasing the number of hits (more than 10,000) and comments far beyond what is normal for a blog post that is read mostly by the usual gang of suspects that logs on to the Register site most days. Not surprisingly, it was on health care, the hot topic for this week as the effort to ram ObamaCare through comes to a head. It expressed some skepticism about the likelihood of thousands and thousands of Obamaniacs following his call to knock on doors, make phone calls and the like in support of this mess of misbegotten and misnamed reform, as Jonathan Cohn hopes.

(In case anyone has forgotten, I have consolidated my thoughts on genuine reform several times.)

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