Monday, January 11, 2010

U.S. rejects North Korean peace treaty

One of the problems with international diplomacy is that pride and "face" sometimes get in the way of common sense. The U.S. has rejected a North Korean proposal to sign a peace treaty to end the Korean war that ended de facto 60 years ago, officially, arguing that it won't do that until the North gives up its nuclear program. Silly to make this a condition when the war is long over. Cghildish to worry that the North Koreans might get a dreaded propaganda talking point if it happens. Why not just do it? It won't change the character of the NK regime, and it probably won't get the six-party talks resumed. But what would be the harm?


Anonymous said...

It just shows the immature and petty nature of Washington policy-makers. And how come its 'okay' for America to have nuclear weapons but not North Korea too?

Anonymous said...

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