Monday, January 11, 2010

New Jersey passes medical marijuana bill

Although it will be the most restrictive law in the country, it is still to be counted as progress that New Jersey's legislature passed a medical marijuana law today. Jon Corzine, NJ's outgoing governor says he will sign it before he leaves office next Tuesday. The Republican governor-elect, Chris Christie, had expressed reservations about it, but despite some misgivings it passed by wide margins in both houses.

It really is quite restrictive. It can only be recommended by a physician for a designated list of ailments, patients will not be allowed to grow their own, it would be tracked like a truly dangerous drug like morphine, and patients would be restricted to two ounces a month. Clearly, this is legislation still influenced by lingering "reffer madness" misconceptions. It also amounts to politicians playing doctor. Few other prescription drugs, many of them seriously dangerous, are so restricted.

Nonetheless, it's a step forward.

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Anonymous said...

Why are the powers that be so afraid of Marijuana? Loss of face? Some economic reason? I don't get it. There is nothing evil, wicked or immoral about Marijuana at all.