Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How the cables coped

It's been fascinating to channel-surf on the Mass. election. Fox brought pretty much their entire operation to Massachusetts, covering election night as if it were the Normandy invasion or thre signing of a major peace treaty. Most (besides Hannity, of course) have tried to avoid looking pleased and smug. Meanwhile on MSNBC Rachel Maddow pulled off the amazing trick of combining a furrowed brow with a smirk and focused on "dirty tricks" and allegations of irregularities, then brought on Howard Dean to opine gravely that much of the surge for Scott Brown could be attributed to Obama not bringing "real change" fast enough. The presumed implication would be that if Obama had introduced single-payer he'd be in great shape, basking in approval. Marvelous capacity for self-deception. And on CNN Larry King was busily interviewing PA Gov. Rendell about the 54 Haitian orphans brought to Pittsburgh, studiously ignoring all that folderol in Mass.

In a way it's comforting for all of these purveyors of news and opinion to be so transparent about where they're coming from.


Mike Freitas said...

Bread and Circuses. Who will be the Nero?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this had anything to do with the incident between the police officer and that professor and the 'beer summit'?

Anonymous said...

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