Thursday, January 21, 2010

And the rains keep on a'comin'

I haven't seen the news yet tonight so I'm not sure how folks in La Canada-Flintridge coped, but my impression for the most part is that despite some unusually serious weather day-after-day-after-day this week, that Southern California has had remarkably little really catastrophic damage in a place unaccustomed to dealing with severe weather. I think we've had at least an inch or more each day, and up to 3-4" in some places, and it's been accompanied by strong winds, trees being uprooted, and even a tornado.

Compared to an earthquake in Haiti it's pretty much nothing, I know, and rain is welcome after a couple of years of near-drought. But it creates situations and there has been damage. Jen called and I left early today because the power was out and wasn't expected back on until 9:00. We had dinner out and by the time we were done we got home at 7 :30 and the juice was on. So I watched the Lakers lose to Cleveland, then UCLA beat Washington in a thriller. A luxurious way to weather the storm, which is still bringing rain and some thunder as I type.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how severe the earthquake in Haiti would have been if it had happened in say California? I doubt many of those buildings would meet American codes. I saw very, very little rebar in the rubble.