Monday, February 16, 2009

South Carolina thug goes after Phelps -- maybe

The news is that the DA in South Carolina, where Michael Phelps had his picture taken apparently taking a hit off a marijuana bong, is trying to make a case that might eventually get Phelps arrested. So in addition to boycotting Kellogg's, which says it's ending Phelps' endorsement deal, I guess I'll have to boycott Richland County, South Carolina. Not exactly a hardship.

The news triggered this open letter from Cor24 Leone, who says he she or it is a follower of this blog, which shows remarkably excellent taste. If the Smoking Gun Website is right, however, the recent arrests in that benighted county may have little or no relation to the party Michael Phelps attended in November. The search warrant the cops got is apparently for the same house where Phelps is said to have partied, but makes no mention of Phelps or the November party, relying on more recent evidence that pot "was consumed on a regular basis at the residence." The publicity just seems to have stirred these thugs to get more aggressive. Here are mug shots of the poor kids victimized. Oh, for the day when currently illicit drugs are legal and these pansy cops will have to go after actual criminals.

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