Saturday, February 28, 2009

A fine victory

It was another one of those games that a disinterested fan, without a particular favorite, could enjoy, one of those games one watches sports to see. Both teams made mistakes and had lapses, but both played with intensity and desire -- and skill. It wasn't the game I might have preferred, but I'll take the outcome.

I know there's a statistical chance now that the Bruins could end in a tie with Washington for the league championship. I'll be just as happy if the Bruins simply win out and so does Washington. Lorenzo Romar is a fine coach and he has put together a team that has exceeded all expectations. If the Huskies finally get their first outright championship in 50 years or so, would that be so bad? There will still be the tournament in which to improve seeding. The Bruins aren't the dominant team of years past, but they're showing some toughness and resiliency. Collison and Shipp are working hard to make the senior season memorable.

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