Monday, May 19, 2008

Working for freedom

It had been longer than I had remembered since I was in San Antonio. Like everybody, apparently, back then, I had been mainly impressed by just how small the Alamo (or the part that is left; I understand there was more to it back in 1836) seemed as compared to the large mythology surrounding it. I don't think I spent more than a few minutes on the Riverwalk -- which is underneath the streets cars go on, virtually invisible if you're just driving around -- on that previous trip. This time I spent about an hour, walking through countless outdoor cafes and enjoying the entire scene. Quite a bit of good music. Come and enjoy it if you get the opportunity.

At the reception Tibor Machan introduced me to Jonathan Rauch and we had a good time chatting at dinner. He's a smart guy, but not (quite) a libertarian, as advertised in the program. We'll see if we can jolly him along a little bit. Not much of great substance at dinner tonight, more a matter of getting acquainted or reacqauinted. Tomorrow we'll tackle immigration, hear Ed Crane on whether freedom is on the march or in retreat, and discuss church and state with Tim Sandefur.

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