Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ron Paul still in it

Even the Washington Post finally noticed that while Ron Paul wound down his campaign when it became necessary to defend his Texas congressional seat in the Republican primary (he won handilyamong those who have known him longest as a political figure) he never quite quit the presidential race. He took about 16 percent in the Pennsylvania primary (wonder how many of those votes will go to McCain in November?) and the GOP in Nevada had to postpone its delegate-naming convention last week when it turned out there were more Paul supporters than McCain supporters. I suspect he'll pull some votes in Indiana and North Carolina today; not all of those disillusioned with McCain are crossing over to vote for Hillary.

As I had speculated earlier, he expects to have around 50 delegates at the GOP convention and is angling for a speaking slot, which based on his performance among voters and the intensity of his supporters he certainly deserves. Unless McCain is as nasty as we suspect he is, of course.

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