Sunday, June 03, 2007

Temecula Arts Council Event

I spent Thursday evening at a fundraising event for the Temecula Arts Council at the still rather new community theater. Members of the Temecula Vintage Singers were part of the entertainment, and as it was an Elizabethan-themed event (they performed that all-of-Shakespeare's-plays-in-an-hour thing, and quite well) it was appropriate to sing madrigals in the Renaissance costumes we used at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire about which I blogged earlier. If I do say so, we did rather well. I love singing in a good chorus, and especially in a small one where there's little or no leeway -- if you screw up it affects things negatively so you have to concentrate.

I also learned the Shakespeare group is performing two plays at different wineries -- "Merry Wives of Windsor" in August at Keyways Winery and "Othello" at Wiens Winery in September. I almost got dragooned into a minor role in "Merry Wives," but simply won't have time for necessary rehearsals.

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