Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ron Paul gets a little MSM attention

I didn't watch the GOP debate last night, though I caught some post-debate commentary as I channel-surfed among the cable "news" networks. The only mention of Ron Paul I heard came from Pat Buchanan, who noticed he got several ovations, which he attributed to a tradition of "libertarian conservatism" in New Hampshire. For the most part the MSM are assiduously avoiding any mention of the Paul buzz on the Internet. They decided at the outset that he (and Gilmore, Thompson, Brownback, Hunter et. al.) was marginal and it will take a lot to change the attitude.

However, the Washington Post today did run a little Style-section human interest-type story on Jared Chicoine, the just-married 25-year-old who is Ron Paul's only paid staffer in New Hampshire. As usual, not much in the way of serious policy discussion and a bit of a bemused, almost condescending tone, but still it was there.

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