Monday, June 04, 2007

How 'bout them Ducks!

I missed the first two periods, but was thrilled when the Ducks scored a third goal to go ahead and then protected it with aggressive, disruptive defense. The win puts them up 3-1 in the Stanley Cup finals -- and they did it (again) with Chris Pronger, one of their stars, suspended for a game. They looked so much better than they did Saturday when their passing wasn't crisp and they seemed discombobulated.

As I've mentioned previously, I'm a hopeless homer when it comes to sports teams. So even if I weren't a California native I would root for the locals (I became a Redskins fan when I lived in Washington in the '70s). There are so many subjective factors in sports that being a homer is the only way I can cope.

I'm not counting any chickens yet, but things look pretty good for the Ducks. I understand they had a shaky first period but they coalesced nicely. So far (fingers crossed) it looks as if when they maintain concentration they are just a better team than the Senators. But they have to play the games.

It's a pretty good time for Southern California sports fans. The Angels just won 16-4 over Minnesota and are in first place fairly confortably, and the Dodgers won tonight as well. I haven't checked the latest NL standings, but if they're not in first they're within a game or so.

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