Saturday, July 10, 2010

Delayed by the open wound

Quite frankly, our focus on the open wound that Dr. Nissen discovered that day we were getting ready to leave Cedars-Sinai, has been -- once Jen got used to packing it -- to marvel at how steadily it is healing. Our trip to the doctors Thursday and Friday, however, was a reminder of how the wound has delayed the next step in treatment -- precautionary chemotherapy. Both the chemo and the radiation doctors (I'll get their names in a future entry) are eager to move ahead quickly, and grateful that during the time the wound has been healing no new infection or complication has shown up to complicate treatment plans.

It's kind of moot now. The wound that was four inches long and looked like a couple of slabs of prime beef is now smaller than an almond and will likely be fully healed by the time we start chemo -- though apparently that's not necessarily required. It's the radiation that couldn't be done until the wound was healed, but that's more than a month away and the wound should be a distant memory by then.

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