Monday, June 21, 2010

UCLA baseball? Who knew?

When I was in college I don't think I went to a single college baseball game, even though I attended quite a few sporting events, including not only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's (then Lew Alcindor's) first appearance on campus and a bunch of rugby games, for heaven's sake. I have been aware that a number of UCLA players, notably Troy Glaus, have distinguished themselves in the bigs, but I've never paid much attention to UCLA baseball or college baseball in general.

Then a few weeks ago, having more free time to channel-surf than any non-invalid would, I became aware that UCLA was playing Cal State Fullerton for the right to go to the College WOrld Series in Omaha. Having worked in Orange County all these years I was aware the CSF is a perennial power and occasional national champion. So I was pleased that UCLA beat them and then, on Saturday, I believe, beat Florida rather decisively in the first round of the CWS. The Bruins are playing again today, and I think I'll give them a watch.

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