Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Healing nicely

Just in case anyone is interested, I am healing rather nicely. I guess the fact the there was a big pocket under my incision, which led Dr. Nissen to remove staples and leave a fairly large open wound over part of the incision, has made the process slower than it might have been ideally. But after some tentativeness the first couple of times, Jen has become quite expert at "packing" the wound -- i.e., filling it with gauze to absorb various stuff -- twice a day, and does it without causing pain. The wound is noticeably healing and becoming smaller each day. When we were in the office last week, Dr. Nissen and Honore estimated it should be fully healed in about two weeks from last Thursday. Then they'll design a chemotherapy regimen.


Anonymous said...

Get well Mr. Bock.

Nicolas Martin said...
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