Saturday, June 26, 2010

Keep going, Bruins!

Who would have thought that the USA soccer team would have been eliminated from the World Cup before the UCLA baseball team was eliminated from the College World Series? Yet that's what happened today, with Ghana beating Team USA 2-1 and eliminating them, while UCLA clobbered TCU 10-3 and moves into the final best-of-three series against the winner of this afternoon's Clemson-South Carolina game.

As I noted, I have paid attention to college baseball only sporadically. Having watched the UCLA games, however, I'm impressed by the quality of the players and the winning spirit of the team. Pitcher Trevor Bauer, of the discolored cap, who went 8 innings today, seems representative -- somewhat eccentric, but damn good.

Go Bruins!!

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Michael Freitas said...

UCLA vs the other USC. In honor of Mr. Wooden, Go, Bruins.