Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Merce Cunningham, dance visionary, dies

I'm not a huge fan of dance. I recognize the discipline, body control and artistry required to do it well, but what usually draws me to it is the music, much of which -- Tchaikovsky, Gliere, Adam, Prokofiev, and all those Balanchine appropriated -- I simply love. I also loved Nureyev and Baryshnikov. I think I've only seen one full ballet live, though I've watched a fair amount on TV. But still, just a casual fan.

Even I knew, however, the Merce Cunningham, who died Sunday night at 90 in Manhattan, was one of the giants of the art. American artists of great accomplishment deserve to be celebrated, even by those of us who appreciate more than love their accomplishments. RIP.

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