Sunday, July 26, 2009

Anniversary in wine country

Yesterday was our 28th wedding anniversary, so Jen and I went and had lunch in the Temecula Wine Country and did a little tasting. For anybody who lives even close to the area who has not visited Temecula wine country, you're missing a treat. The valley just outside town has a good microclimate because there's a gap in the coast range that allows cool evening ocean breezes into the inland. It doesn't match Napa, of course, but there are at least 20 good wineries, one of which specializes in Champagne, all of which produce pretty solid wines. Most have tasting, some host weddings, all have a nice ambience. It was very hot yesterday and the parking lots didn't look as crowded as usual on a Saturday. Maybve it was the heat and maybe it was the recession. Anyway, we had a nice time and are still happy to be married to one another.

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