Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lakers finally take over a fourth quarter

I had been worried about the Lakers and I'm still not feeling complacent. (I'm atavistic; I've been rooting for the Lakers since the Baylor/West/Goodrich days when they were terrific except in ther final games against the Celtics, and I don't plan to break the habit.) Still, it was terrific to see a team effort including strong defense (and some luck; the Nuggets missed some open shots) to take over the fourth quarter, win and take a 3-2 series lead.

Now it's the games on the other side of the country I'm concerned about. I think lots of NBA fans looked forward to a Lakers-Cavaliers match-up, with Kobe and LeBron, probably the two best players in the league, going after one another. With Orlando leading the Cavaliers 3-1, however, that's becoming a long shot. Still, all of their games could have gone either way, so I'm looking for a miracle.

And for some consistency from the Lakers. This habit of falling apart in alternate games isn't a sustainable strategy as the opposition gets better and better. And they haven't won the Denver series yet.

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