Monday, May 11, 2009

How much of a victim is Carrie Prejean?

There's a possibility that Miss California-USA, Carrie Prejean, will be stripped of her title tomorrow for various things that have come out since the controversy over her answers to a question about gay marriage. You know, she posed topless (with back to camera but with enough of a turn to know those breasts were undraped) and didn't inform the pageant, she did rallies or meetings for "pro-marriage" (for some people) groups.

The right, delighted to find a seriously pretty girl opposing gay marriage and talking about God, want to make her a martyr. But it's looking as if "Perez Hilton," who was the provocateur in all this, was more than a little out of line in his questioning, and almost certainly intended to damage her, did her a huge favor.

Presumably (although the motivations are still a bit mysterious to me) young women enter these pageants in part to garner notoriety or connections for some kind of career in modeling or entertainment. Carrie now is better known than any of the other contestants and much better positioned to cash in on the fact that she's becoma a household word. She was the Miss USA runner-up (maybe because of Hilton). Do you know the name of the winner? Do you remember who last year's Miss California was? Neither do I But Carrie Prejean is now famous enough to get a career out of this, and if she has even a shred of real talent, she might have as successful a career as Vanessa Williams, the most famous previous beauty queen to have to resign in "disgrace."

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