Sunday, May 03, 2009

Happy to be home

It was a wonderful visit to Las Vegas, but we are happy to be home. Steve's house is quite wonderful -- two stories with a loft, meaning the ceiling in the living room is two stories high, with windows at both levels. When Jen is upstairs and I am downstairs we can to one another without shouting, and the house is as bright as any I can remember from natural light. It's in a nice recent subdivision in North Las Vegas. So how is it to know your son has a nicer house than you do? Terrific!

We managed to attend one of Steve and Tom's soccer games and plan a surprise party for Tom (that wasn't much of a surprise for long; oh, well). And we both got some work done as well as getting acquainted with Steve's dog.

But it's nice to be home. The plants needed watering, the pool needed water and some attention, but the house is in good shape. And I managed to get my Sunday Night Baseball fix before we watched a little TV and just relaxed.

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