Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wait 'til next year!

Actually it's much too early to tell about next year yet. We don't even know whether Jrue Holliday will stay, although it would almost certaino6y be in his interest to spend at least another year in college, both because of what he will learn and gain in experience, and therefor in terms of his draft position and starting salary. Assuming he stays and gets better , the othger freshmen develop and Dragovich becomes a leader, it should be a solid team, though maybe not a deep-into-the-tournament team. Or it might just be a top ten team. How's that for brave prognostication?

What is clear is that Villanova admninistered an old-fashioned ass-whupping on the Bruins yesterday. I believe in respecting opponents and being able to admire what they do well, but this was painful to watch. At least the Bruins weren't acting as if they had given up toward the end, but for whatever reason they never had close to Villanova's energy. And I have to admit that while Villanova played hard and physical, they didn't really play dirty.

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