Monday, March 23, 2009

Drug policy action

The Drug Policy Action Network branch of the Drug Policy Alliance has two action items underway that I recommend very highly. One involves sending a message to Kellogg's asking for a meeting with drug policy reformers. As I've noted, Kellogg's public image actually took a hit when it suspended its endorsement contract with Michael Phelps after the latter was photographed with what appeared to be a marijuana bong. It might behoove Kellogg's (which was founded as a health-promoting company, believe it or not) to meet with reformers and learn a little bit about why it is less popular after doing the "right thing" in terms of conventional wisdom.

The other is to send a message to Congress urging it to eliminate federal marijuana laws and let the states -- which have traditionally regulated health issues, a tradition that is far from entirely dead -- decide what kind of marijuana policies they want. This is the kind of bold suggestion I like to see drug reformers take. I've advocated taking marijuana off Schedule I numerous times, but this is a much better idea. It would be wonderful to see Congress get a lot of e-mails on this.

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