Thursday, March 26, 2009

DEA raids another medical cannabis dispensary

I suppose we shouldn't expect the drug warriors, whose salaries depend on keeping the thing going, to go away. But it's especially appalling to note that the DEA raided another medical marijuana dispensary Wednesday night -- a week after Attorney Gen. Eric Holder confirmed that Obama administration policy would be not to go after patients and providers in states with medical marijuana laws. The DEA thug in charge of the raid of Emmalyn's California Cannabis Clinic in San Francisco claimed they have evidence the clinic was violating state law as well as federal law, which would put it out of Holder's halo of protection. But of course the info is sealed and they can't discuss any of it in detail. The fact that it has a provisional license from the city govt. makes that claim unlikely, but it's possible I suppose. The fact that no local or state police agency participated in the raid makes it even less likely, however.

This emphasizes that the request from the judge in the Charles Lynch case for written clarification of the new policy from the Justice Dept. is very important. Until there's a written directive, there's the danger of rogue DEA agents continuing to try to undermine state medical marijuana law on the pretext that dispensaries are just fronts for recreational sales are are operating in violation of state law. After all, these guys are confirmed rug warriors, nd a lot of them sincerely believe that hard-nosed enforcement is the only thing saving the country from dire peril. I've noted previously that there have been far fewer prosecutions than there have been raids, which suggests strongly that the raids are more like domestic terrorism than legitimate law enforcement (not that the federal laws prohibiting (some) drugs are constitutionally legitimate, but that's another story.).

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