Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mark Steyn wins ... for now

Had a field trip for a story on private schools last night and got back too late and too tired to blog. Sorry. Anyway, here's a link to the Register's editorial today on the Canadian Human Rights Commission's decision to dismiss a complaint against writer Mark Steyn and the Canadian magazine Macleans for committing a "hate crime" against Muslims. So far as I know the Register was the only U.S. "mainstream" paper to take note of this development, though it was a pretty big deal in Canada. A few US bloggers paid attention.

The cause for complaint was Macleans printing an excerpt from Mark's book, "America Alone" back in 2006. The excerpt argued that because of their higher birth rates, and the lower birth rates of "native" Europeans, Muslims are likely to turn Europe into "Eurabia" within a few generations. Now Mark is a warmonger and a bit of an alarmist about the Islamist threat, but he's a terrific, clever writer. However, this excerpt didn't even have his trademark sarcastic humor; it was quite sober (though I question some of the premises). But the Human Rights Commissions in Canada have become enforcers of political correctness by defining deviation as "hate." Because it's Macleans, the case has aroused a fair amount of concern among other media in Canada that they could be targets too.

It's not quite the end of the story. Each province has a commission, and the British Columbian one actually held five days of hearings and has yet to announce a decision. Mark has said he almost hopes it goes against him so he can appeal it into a real court.

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