Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Good All-Star game

That was quite a game last night, coming pretty close to displaying athletes playing for the sake of the game, each team genuinely wanting to win and working hard. I'm glad it didn't end in the 10th (or whenever that was) because of Uggla's errors. I know there was a called error in the 15th, but I thought it was a bad call, and in any event it didn't affect the outcome of the game; whether it was an error or a base hit, the runner was on first. It lasted so long, and I just had to go into the pool afterward to stir it up a bit (don't ask), so I didn't have the energy to blog last night. Anyway, I enjoyed the game.

It strikes me that baseball is a game where a bunch of all-stars can form a semblance of a team more easily than with basketball or baseball. Basketball and football rely on plays that assume players playing together for a while for them to be most effective, which is why basketball all-star games tend to be more like playground games (at a much higher level) with the stars mostly freelancing individually (with a few exceptions). But hitting the cutoff man, pulling the infield in or adjusting the outfield for different hitters are common to all baseball teams. With the exception of double plays and the like, baseball is still inherently more individualistic.

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