Thursday, July 24, 2008

Accounting for myself

It occurs to me that I haven't. If anybody cares -- well I guess Frank does if he's still checking in, and maybe John). I'm taking a vacation week, and Jen and I had planned to go to Las Vegas (I just misspelled it Las Vegan, which is about as likely as bureaucrat displaying a sense of humor) to visit Steve and Tom and celebrate Steve's birthday and our anniversary. But not only is Jen not feeling well, she's snowed under with work. So we're at home, she's coughing and typing, and I'm doing jobs around the house, some reading and -- eventually, I hope, though I haven't gotten to it yet -- some work on my book.

I've found I can get one major job done in a day. Monday we went to the doctor for regular check-ups (and an antibiotic for Jen) and today we went early to get out blood drawn as part of that process. Tuesday I took apart and resealed our favorite floating pool chairs, which had begun to take on water when we used them. Yesterday I sanded our outdoor teak coffee table, which had begun to be a bit weatherbeaten, down to bare wood (mostly) and put water sealer on it. Not sure if I'll put another finish on it later or not. Anyway, both tasks were time-consuming and painstaking, but also mildly relaxing. However they left little time for reading or blogging.

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