Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama torpedoed gay marriage in California?

If you have any fondness for irony, this should appeal to you. It looks as if Barack Obama's campaign was a big key to the (apparent) success of Proposition 8 in California, which eliminated the right of same-sex marriage to be recognized by the state, even though Barack Obama himself late in the day said he was against it.. It seems blacks supported Prop. 8 by a 69-31 margin according to exit polls (whites opposed it 55-45 and Hispanics were evenly divided) and an unusually high number of blacks voted on Tuesday because Obama was running for president. If that hadn't been the case Prop. 8 would probably have lost.

I'm sad that this is a political issue at all. If I had my way the State would not be involved in marriage at all, but it is, at many levels. I do wish Prop. 8 had been defeated.

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