Friday, November 07, 2008

Bruins: Time to get serious

Oregon State beat USC, a team it really had no business beating, so it would be poetic justice for the Bruins to beat the Beavers tomorrow. Actually, if you just look at the history, it shoudl be almost a foregone conclusion; UCLA has beaten Oregon State the last 10 times the two teams have met in the Rose Bowl. Looking at this season, however, it's got to be something of a longshot, and the Beavers are favored by 8 points. Add in the fact that 3 of UCLA's already-shaky offensive line have been suspended for this game -- breaking team rules, the unconfirmed rumor having to do with drugs -- and it could be a long afternoon.

However, I have my guacamole and my UCLA T-shirt and cap ready. I'm hoping the Bruins -- perhaps jolted by the suspensions? -- have made good use of the bye week and settled down to some serious work on avoiding careless mistakes. And it might just be that this is the week Kahlil Bell, who has shown signs of being a really good back but has been sadly hampered by injuries (as well as bad offensive line play) this year, is ready to break out and show that he's more than just potential. It is his senior year and he still does, despite all the tough luck he's experienced, have NFL dreams.

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Mike Freitas said...

I'm pulling for the Beavers to win. I know it's dumb and perverted, but the thought of SC playing Ohio St in the Rose Bowl leaves me cold. If the Beavers and SC win out they'll go to the Rose and SC will get to play a SEC or Big 12 team in another bowl. A match-up I'd look forward to seeing. It's not my system and I've had enough of watching the Big 10 getting crushed in the Rose Bowl, yeah I know they win once in awhile, but not often.