Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rumsfeld pushed out?

Last week when the WaPo had a story about Don Rumsfeld's resignation letter being dated November 6, the day before the election, whereas Bush announced his resignation the day after the election, I didn't think much of it, even wondered if it was a real story. But Robert Parry over at consortiumnews.com has a theory worth considering. He reminds us that in December it also came out that on November 6 Rumsfeld issued a memo opining that the current strategy in Iraq wasn't working, that it was time to "go minimal" when speaking about the establish-democracy mission and all -- and maybe pull U.S. troops back to Kurdistan and Yemen -- pretty much the opposite of surge, and not all that different from Rep. John Murtha's proposals.

Could it be that when Bush saw the memo he realized Rumsfeld was not on board with the "stay-the-course" strategy, or maybe he had already decided at least tentatively on escalation and told Rummy that if he wasn't ready to swallow more of the Kool-Aid it was time for him to go? Worth considering.

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