Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Maybe . . .

Idaho Republican Sen. Larry Craing has denied he did anything wrong in the airport men's room encounter that got him arrested and says it was a mistake to plead guilty, Maybe. I don't want to prejudge him. Not that I think there's anything wrtong with being gay, but inasmuch as he has voted for the federal amendment to ban gay marriage and announced his support for an Idaho law to ban both gay marriage and civil unions, if he even has tendencies there's a big hypocrisy issue.

The most logical explanation for what the Idaho Statesman has reported -- one fellow who remains anonymous who says he had a sexual encounter in D.C., an activist who assembled several people of whom he's lost track who claimed encounters -- seems to be that if he has tendencies he has mostly repressed them, but possibly engaged in a few fleeting encounters. But there's not enough on the record yet to be sure. I stand by what I said last night about it being tragic if he has felt he had to repress them. Now the GOP is piling on. Conservatives like Sean Hannity are responding with their usual compassion.

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