Thursday, April 19, 2007

Oh, the horror!

Differences between a libertarian like me and a more standard-issue conservative? Here's a fretful editorial from the Wall Street Journal wringing its hands over all the subpoenas Congress has been serving on the White House. The subhead sums it up: "Congress's real goal is crippling the Bush Presidency" [note the worshipful and entirely unnecessary capitalization]. The Journal's editorialist harrumphs:

"Democrats are trying to usethe manufactured outrage over the entirely legal sacking of Presidential appointees to insert themselves into private White House deliberations. Mr. Bush needs to draw line somewhere, and fast ..."

The Journal seems to think it would be sad to cripple the Bush presidency. I think it would be wonderful. I was equally joyful when the Clinton presidency was crippled. I only wish the crippling would be permanent, but unfortunately most Americans seem to want to give a new president the benefit of the doubt. For my taste the presidency, in both parties, has become entirely too imperial. Let Congress root around to its heart's content in the White House and dig up as many embarrassments, real and imagined, as it can find.

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