Saturday, April 07, 2007

Building the Great Pyramid

Before any more politics or commentary on the world today, a little excursion into history. A fascinating piece on the site of Archeology, by Bob Brier, (thanks to for finding it) describes a persuasive new theory as to how the pyramids were built.

The article says there have been two theories, one involving cranes and the other involving ramps, but modern scholars, "deep in their hearts they know neither one is correct." See, the Egyptians probably didn't have the timber to build such huge cranes, and not enough room to build a long-enough ramp.

The new theory, from Jean-Pierre Houdin, a French architect who has spent years making detailed computer models of the Great Pyramid, involves an internal ramp, along the inside walls, to drag the blocks of stone up as they got toward the top. There are illustrations on the Web site that help to explain and persuade.

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