Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Freeway final?

I'm not the first to notice, but the brackets are aligned so that it is just theoretically possible that USC and UCLA could meet in the NCAA basketball championship game. It's a long way from a slam-dunk. UCLA has been less consistent than I would like, with a tendency to lose concentration against lesser teams, though that shouldn't be a problem from now on. North Carolina, USC's next foe on Friday, is a No. 1 seed, but hasn't looked all that dominant in the tournament so far. Meanwhile, USC has actually been more impressive than UCLA in tournament games so far.

Just putting down a marker in case it happens. Wouldn't that make the ACC, which fancies itself the basketball class of the country but has only one representative left in the field of 16, feel wonderful? Note that the Pac-10 still has three reps, and Oregon has seemed to peak at the right time also.

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Mike Freitas said...

USC vs UCLA for the NCAA basketball championship. The idea blogs the mind. Are we reverting to the era of Wooden and Bob Boyd. Perhaps not this year, but it could happen. My dream match up has always been the Angels vs the Dodgers in the World Series. I just got my copy of the SI baseball issue and they predict that the Angels will beat the Dodgers in the fall classic. Perhaps the end times are upon us.