Saturday, December 04, 2010

WikiLeaks back up, Ron Paul defends them

The outcry from the government stooges who dominate most of the media against WikiLeaks and founder Julian Assange has been relentless. So it's nice to see that WikiLeaks, after several times being taken down, and some servers who decided not to host it, and service attacks, is back up again, here. I'm also pleased that my old acquaintance Ron Paul has defended WikiLeaks, quite eloquently. That "when truth becomes treason" line is priceless. How quickly people forget that the founders purposely made treason difficult to prove, desiring as they did to encourage independence and the possibility of dissent among the citizenry. I'm also pleased to see my former colleague Steve Greenhut defending WikiLeaks. I'm afraid that Ron has thereby lost his chance to become chairman of the banking subcommittee that oversees the Fed, so it was gutsiness with consequences (I'd love to be proven wrong here, but doubt that will happen).


Joshua Gamen is Highgross14 said...

ron paul for prez!!!!

check out how and why the fed works here:

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Heather said...

Well done Mr. Paul! I love that "when truth becomes treason" line. By the way, is it just me, or the way US government has been dealing with WikiLeaks reminds of communistic propaganda?

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