Monday, May 24, 2010

Government can be trusted -- to be untruthful

They've been running those "Click it or ticket" ads on TV for some time now, warning that cops will be especially on the alert to nab people not wearing seatbelts, but the intensity seems to have increased in the last couple of weeks. It raises a pet peeve on my part.

I distinctly remember. when California's mandatory seat belt law was being debated in the 1980s, that in response to concerns proponents solemnly promised that this -- cops specifically looking for seatbelt violations -- would never happen. If a policeman pulled somebody over for some other violation having to do with the way one was driving, and noticed the lack of seatbelt, we were promised, he could issue a ticket for the seatbelt violation, but no cop would do anything so petty as looking just for folks without seatbelts. What kind of petty folks do you think law makers and enforcers are??!!

Didn't take all that long for that solemn promise to morph into "Click it or Ticket."

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Anonymous said...

I find motorcycle cops are the worst offenders for this.