Monday, November 23, 2009

Marijuana reform progressing

As I predicted in a Register article six months ago or more, the concept of marijuana legalization continues to gain ground. Today's Washington Post has a piece noting the AMA's recent reversal to support medical marijuana, various polls -- 44% in favor and gaining according to Gallup -- and the changed attitude of activists, who actually see light at the end of the tunnel. And here's a piece on Michael Patrick Carroll, so far the only Republican in the New Jersey legislature to support legalization of medical marijuana. Apparently his experience with sick relatives has had an impact on him. He also doesn't get apoplectic at the idea of legalization for adults. Would that there were more Republicans like him.

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Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't it be legal? Not just for medical reasons but for recreational use too. What gives the government the "right" to tell grown adults what they can or cannot ingest into their own bodies? What gives the government the "right" to treat its adult citizens like children? I regard the "war on drugs" as a travesty. It is a war on the American people. It is like the foolish 'war on alcohol' in the 1920's, only worse.