Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hillary's gracelessness then

Here's a link to the Register's editorial, written Wednesday and printed on Thursday, about Hillary's incredibly graceless performance on Tuesday night. Even though she seems to have recovered somewhat with her concession/whatever speech today, I think that tone-deaf performance took her out of any possibility of getting the vice presidential nomination. And that's a good thing. The Clintons are incredibly solipsistic, to the point that I seriously believe they see other people only as tools or means for them to achieve their ambitions. It would probably be fun, as a journalist, to watch the dysfunctional mess an Obama presidency would be with a Clinton as vice president, scheming and working independently all the time. And perhaps, if you figure a government that can't get anything done is a good thing, since most of the things such and administration would want to do would be terribly harmful to the country and to freedom, that would be a good thing. But it would be somewhat disheartening to watch at the same time.

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