Tuesday, November 20, 2007

UCLA squeaks by

Now that was a tough game, the first one in which missing point guard Darren Collison took an obvious toll. Have to hand it to Michigan State, they came more prepared to play than UCLA did (at least in the first half), and they gave Kevin Love a Freshman's inititation into body-banging in college ball. UCLA was miserable (and to be fair Michigan State was good) during the first half. The Bruins trailed by as many as 13 and were down by 11 at halftime. Late in the game they tied it several times but didn't go ahead until only 30 seconds were left. It was a gutty game, and probably a good one to have played (especially since the resuilt was a win). Good to get challenged so thoroughly this early in the season and prove to themselves they had the grit to come back and steal it. Kevin Love righted himself nicely in the second half, and Westbrook and Shipp contributed, as did Aboya and M'bah a'Moute, the Cameroonian connection. Don't know what Howland told them at halftime, but it worked.

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